When a badass couple gets married, the photos are epic: Modern Industrial Wedding

Leah & Chris’ Modern Industrial Wedding, Bronx NYC.

I had such a great time photographing Leah & Chris’ modern industrial wedding in the Bronx last September. Leah & Chris are musicians, and they have a band together called With Watson. Some of my favorite aspects of their wedding include: The focus is emotion, the love they have for one another and their friends. The live band, because really what beats live music? The unplugged sign! (more on that later). The naked cakes, they may be trendy, but some things are trendy for a reason! The food truck, not only is it unique and fun to have a food truck cater the wedding, the food also tasted amazing. Leah and Chris’ first dance, nothing boring happening here this truly reflects their awesome personalities. And, last but not least, Leah getting on stage and rocking Spiderwebs by No Doubt.

I’m now friends with them on facebook, and this morning saw the sweetest post. So I’m sharing it, because this kind of love is inspirational

“I don’t think you fall in love with someone in just one moment, at just one time. Like the time we went on that vacation, or the first time we kissed. Not just those times. You fall in love lots of times, big and small, memorable and passing. And when it’s really good, you fall in love more and more each day. Saying goodbye to this apartment is tough because we fell in love a lot here, living, growing. It was way good to us. This was my last view of it, and it’ll be someone else’s first. Hopefully they will find so much love here too.” – Written by Chris, in 2015, with an image of their empty apartment.

Have an unplugged wedding!

I am a huge fan of unplugged weddings. There are so many reasons to have an unplugged wedding. However most importantly is that each guest invited is to share the experience with you. How can they be fully present and simultaneously be taking pictures with their phones, cameras and iPads? Or worse, checking their Facebook notifications, and posting on Instagram and snapchat. I’m not making this up, I have seen all of this done during the wedding ceremony! Ouch. So now your guests have missed out on the most important moment of the day, then they proceed to snap photos of you, which of course will wind up on Facebook before the professional shots. So the reveal of your beautiful wedding day will be a blurry grainy image where somehow one eye closed and you look waisted even though you haven’t touched a drink yet. Must I go on?

Do yourself and your guests a favor, ask them to be unplugged. Ask them to celebrate the day with you, without their smartphones. Fun fact – recent studies have shown that not looking at your screens for a day improves overall mood. Ok, now that should give you plenty of ammunition to go unplugged!

About the venue, Pier 132

If you are looking for a modern industrial wedding venue near NYC, look no further than Pier 132! This space has state of the art lighting, is subway accessible, and parking is easy to find. Say what!? easy parking in NYC!? yes it actually is possible. The space is great for late summer nights, when the garage doors can open and your guests can spill out onto the street. There are plenty of beautiful and interesting backdrops on the surrounding streets for family photos.

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
―W. Purkey

Ok, enough writing, enjoy and be inspired by the photos!

unique gold wedding ring, ring set. Industrial modern wedding bronx NY, by Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

metals and stone, wedding ring set by San Francisco wedding photographer Ella Sophie

bride hugging her sister before the ceremony, by Ella Sophie Destination Wedding Photographer

Wedding welcome sign, unplugged wedding, no cell phones. by Photographer Ella Sophie, Bronx NY

Reuse your glass, green wedding ideas, sustainable wedding, by Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Rabbi under Huppah, modern industrial offbeat wedding by San Francisco Wedding Photographer Ella Sophie

Emotive photo of bride during jewish wedding ceremony. Alternative wedding photographer Ella Sophie, Oakland CA

Groom lifting his bride's veil, industrial modern wedding, Offbeat wedding Photographer Ella Sophie Oakland California

holding hands, hand holding. Black & white photo by Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Naked cake, naked wedding cake with white flowers on wood slab. Oakland Wedding Photographer Ella Sophie

Oakland Wedding Photographer Ella Sophie. Naked cake, naked wedding cake with white flowers on wood slab.

Candid wedding guest portrait, artistic portrait, sunlight contrast. Alternative wedding photographer Ella Sophie San Francisco Califronia

Alternative wedding photographer Ella Sophie Oakland. Wedding guests outside industrial urban wedding venue Pier 132

Candid family wedding formals. Bridal couple with mom, industrial urban location. Oakland California photographer Ella Sophie

badass bride with her handsome groom. Modern urban industrial wedding venue. San Francisco Photographer Ella Sophie

Adorable bridal couple, bride and groom portraits close up. by Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Bridal portrait, confident modern bride, urban industrial NYC bride. by Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

black and white candid portrait of guests during wedding reception, by Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Artistic portrait of wedding guest, documentary style photographer, Man bun and beard, by Ella Sophie Oakland

Pointing, man pointing at camera. Sunglasses. Reception guests portrait by San Francisco Wedding Photographer Ella Sophie

Golden hour portrait of wedding guests, blue gray brick wall by Oakland Wedding Photographer Ella Sophie

Artistic photo of window reflections at Pier 132 industrial modern wedding venue Bronx NY, Ella Sophie

Couple Dancing Wedding guests at modern industrial wedding by San Francisco Wedding Photographer Ella Sophie

Wild first dance by rock & roll bride and groom by Oakland Wedding Photographer Ella Sophie

Awesome first dance by rock & roll bride and groom by Oakland Wedding Photographer Ella Sophie

Candid black and white portrait of smiling woman at wedding, by photographer Ella Sophie Oakland

Couple in love, late night dancing at wedding reception, by Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Fun couple in love dancing, black and white wedding photography by Ella Sophie, Oakland CA

Bridal couple, late night urban industrial streets, night photo. Oakland Wedding Photographer Ella Sophie

Bride and groom, Hora Dance, Urban Industrial modern wedding. Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Arms crossed, having fun, awesome bride dancing late night. Modern Industrial Wedding. Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Awesome Urban bride rocking out with microphone, singing on stage, by Oakland Wedding Photographer Ella Sophie

Awesome Bride with microphone, singing on stage. by Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Did you spot the familiar faces of Aubrey and Jake? I photographed their wedding the previous year!

The Vendors for Leah & Chris’s Modern Industrial Wedding

Photography:  Ella Sophie – Oakland California
Venue: Pier 132, Bronx NYC
Band: Disband
Catering: Taim mobile
Cakes: Ally Bo
Sunflower pops: Dessert Ladies
Hair: Brandi Veretto from Aveda
Makeup: Glam Squad NYC
Wedding Dress: Theia Bridal Couture 
Flowers: DIY


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